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November 13, 2012

Announcing Indie Game Crowdfunding Projects With Linux Support List

Indie Game Crowdfunding Projects With Linux Support

I have been following the crowdfunding movement with excitement since the first days of Kickstarter. I find it interesting, not because I pledge to many projects or plan to launch my own campaign. It is interesting for me, mainly because it’s a new[1] way of building things and it enables projects to come to life that probably wouldn’t be possible without crowdfunding.

The thing that bugs me is Linux support is often overlooked or is an afterthough (a stretch goal in crowdfunding jargon). I use The Universal Operating System. Therefore if a project has no Linux support planned, it means little to me.

I have started to maintain a list of projects that has linux versions planned. You can find the links to the campaigns as well as their completion dates. You can also see if a particular project has Android (blue label) or OUYA (orange label) support. Your contributions and comments are most welcome.

When you look at average payments for HumbleBundles, Linux is the hightest. Default defence against why aren’t there more games supporting Linux? is because the there are many more people on other platforms. So even if the average payment is higher, the volume is just not enough. I think this should be challenged. I think more people on Linux would buy games if there were more high-quality titles. Do you suppose they think oh, I should pay more since there are not many of us when they are purchasing a bundle?

Of course I am not implying that Linux users are entitled to games. Game developers are free to support Linux. They are equally free to not support. I am not saying if you build it we will come. But we will support you to build it. We would want to help you kickstart it. Just because Linux is free doesn’t mean we are all freeloaders. Linux gamers are anxiously waiting…

[1]Not conceptually new. But AFAIK there wasn’t any implementations in this scale and such convenience.

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to drop me a line.