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Nature, to Be Commanded, Must Be Obeyed

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Jun 13
Yurt: A Functional Relation Programming Implementation

Mar 01
The (Real) Age of Stupid


Dec 01
In Defense of the Obvious - Part 2

Nov 24
In Defense of the Obvious - Part 1

Nov 01
Completely Fair and Democratic Elections in Turkey

Sep 29
Would I like to Work for You for Free?

Jun 28
Heavy Duty Report: It Works for Me

Mar 06
Announcing Capitalize


Aug 17
Lean Startup Notes - Part 2: Techniques

Aug 01
Lean Startup Notes - Part 1: Theory


Sep 16
Is Technology Disconnecting Us

Aug 03
Just Wait Released

Jul 10
On Recognition

Jun 12
Please Update Your RSS Reader

May 28
My OUYA Has Arrived

Apr 28
My First Serious Game for Some Definition of Serious: Just Wait

Apr 11
Personal Finance for Geeks


Nov 13
Announcing Indie Game Crowdfunding Projects With Linux Support List

Oct 10
John Cleese on Creativity

Sep 30
Hello Tinkerer, Goodbye WordPress

May 04
The Pirate Ninja Rockstar Developer

Apr 06
Less Is More, Elegantly Explained

Mar 16
Installing Subversion 1.7 on Debian Squeeze via Apt

Mar 12
Emperor Leto

Mar 06
Debian FTW


Dec 29
Dune Art

Nov 16
Was it the imperialism that made the west rich?

Sep 29
Sign of a Stupid Programmer

Sep 21
Our Fear of Success, Reptilian Brain and Principles

Jul 14
Programming is Debating


Apr 16
Why Not To Localize Community Support

Mar 29
Free Software & Linux Days 2010

Feb 04


Jun 28
Bodybuilding Supplements For Beginners

Apr 19
Freedays‘09 Recap


Dec 09
I Can’t Learn From My Fitness Instructor Because I’m Prejudiced

Oct 16
My Little Distractions