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Apr 19
Cost of Laziness in Clojure


Dec 09
Presentation: Main-Loop in Clojure


Nov 01
Presentation: Building a Simple DSL in Clojure

Jan 29
Domain Specific Languages in Clojure


Jun 13
Yurt: A Functional Relation Programming Implementation

May 17
Validation Benchmark Update

May 10
Using Codox Effectively

Apr 18
Performance Comparison of Annotate, Herbert & Schema

Mar 15
Benchmarking Clojure Validation Libraries

Feb 23
Performance Cost of Runtime Type Checking


Dec 22
Laziness in Clojure

Nov 10
Infinite Sequences in Clojure

Oct 07
Is Clecs Dead?

Oct 01
Who in Their Right Mind Would Use Monads in Clojure?

Sep 17
Performance Tuning Clojure Generative Tests

Sep 09
Displaying Clojure Test Results in Taskbar

Apr 07
Mind Your Form


Nov 09
Making clecs Less Suicide-Inducing

Sep 28
Is Clojure Homoiconic?

Aug 05
Clojure Macro Spotted In Wild: ? of useful

Jul 01
Clojure Macro Spotted In Wild: defproject of Leiningen

Jun 08
Entity-component-system in Clojure

Mar 27
A Makeshift Solution to Expression Problem

Mar 12
What is Expression Problem and Why Should We Care?

Feb 23
triangulate-ui: GUI for triangulate

Jan 26
Announcing Triangulate, a Delanuay Triangulation Library for Clojure.