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Feb 28
django-simple-friends 1.0.0 is soon to be released


Nov 30
Working with files in Django - Part 3

Nov 26
Working with files in Django - Part 2

Nov 21
Working with files in Django - Part 1

Jun 28
My PyCon APAC 2011 Presentation: Optimizing Media Performance with django_compressor


Apr 28
My Idea Of The Django Blogging App™

Mar 29
Free Software & Linux Days 2010

Mar 04
Developing Reusable Django Apps: Signals

Jan 26
Developing Reusable Django Apps: App Settings

Jan 13
Developing Reusable Django Apps

Jan 06
Dynamic Translation Apps for Django


Sep 24
Django Fixtures

Jul 30
Django: Testing With File System Side Effects

Jun 24
Psychic IRC Support In 10 Easy Steps

May 25
Serving Static Media In Django Development Server

May 14
Django Permission System

Apr 19
Freedays‘09 Recap

Mar 12
Django: Where Should My App Live